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The Best Damn Roadhouse band



All Comers Band Contest
sponsored by

The Waterhole Saloon
5244 Highway 71 E. Del Valle, TX, 78617 (512) 247-5119


Jalapeno Rose Recording Studios

 Created, produced, and hosted By
Steve Power 

Beginning Wednesday, July 22nd ,The Waterhole Saloon will start a search for The Best Damn Roadhouse Band in Texas.
The contest is open to all musical genres and styles.  There is no entry fee for the bands and there is no cover charge for the fans.

There will be a first round of  8 weekly contests with five bands performing each week.  Each band will perform for 20 minutes, originals or covers, however the idea is to show originality. Judging will be done by ballot of the audience and the winner will be determined by them. Obviously the more folks you can bring to support you the better your chances. 


All weekly winners will qualify for the Penultimate Playoff.  All weekly winners will receive a gig at The Waterhole Saloon with a guaranteed $100 fee and a $50 bar tab.


The Penultimate playoffs will consist of four bands for each of the two contests.  The bands will play for 30 minutes each with again the audience voting to determine the winners.  The Penultimate Playoff winners will go through to the Ultimate Playoff and the chance to compete for the Grand Prize.  The Penultimate Playoff winners will also receive another gig at The Waterhole Saloon with a guaranteed $150 fee and a $50 bar tab.  The Runner-Up will also qualify for the Ultimate Playoff.


The Grand Final will include both the winners and the runners-up from the semi-final.  Each band will play for 30 minutes and as always the audience will vote by ballot to determine the winner.



How do I enter my band?

In the first instance please send an email to

Include the the name of your band, a contact phone number, a one sentence description of the style of music you play, and a link to whatever myspace, website or other place where you have samples of you music.  It is not mandatory that you have samples or a site.  It merely helps us attempt to group together bands who might compliment each other.  If you have a particular time constraint due to travel time or job commitment please mention this in your entry.  We will do our best to accommodate you.  There are a limited number of entry slots available.

Then What Happens?

There are a limited number of entry slots available. So unfortunately a screening process has to happen.  If the conversations and email  I've had from the Austin musicians community are anything to go by I suspect applications for entry to be quite high. 

What Equipment do you have?

There will be a full backline provided including two guitar amps, a bass amp, and a drum kit.  The drum kit has a bass drum, one mounted and one floor tom, snare, high hat, and two cymbal stands.  The drummer will be required to use their own cymbals, with the exception of the high-hat, and bass drum pedal.   They may use their own snare if preferred.  You may not

You will be offered a date and time for the first round.  The email will include the rules terms and conditions.  By accepting the date you also except the terms and conditons.

Running order will be determined by me with a view to the styles of the different bands.  The contest will performances will run from 8:00-11:30.  In the first round the bands will have 20 minutes each with a 20 minute change over.

Voting is in the hands of the entire audience including all the band members, their fans, and the general audience.  Scary, huh?  Everyone will have two votes, 1 & 2.  The band with most number of 1st place votes wins. The bands in the first rounds with the most number of 2nd place votes will go into their own playoff.  The winner of the Second Chance Playoff will go into the Ultimate Playoff and a chance at the Grand Prize

We will have the vote only after everyone has performed. If someone leaves early with their supporters, then they are not there to vote for their band.   A ballot made up of a copy of the running order will be used so there can be no argument on the count.

In the event of a tie Steve Power will cast the deciding vote.  Time restrictions do not allow for further performance or voting, but if anyone has another suggestion as to a tie breaker we'll consider it.

I think that covers it.  We have made changes as we went along when we found something was not working properly or if someone came to us with a good suggestion.  We continue to encourage comments and suggestions.  We may not always agree but we will always listen.

Please do
NOT phone The Bakehouse.  They are a busy establishment and the staff probably doesn't know the answers to your questions.   Direct all inquiries to:

Prizes will be awarded every week. 1st prize will be a PAID Thursday night gig at The Bakehouse.   Your fee will be $50 plus a meal and two drinks and you are of course free to pass the hat and/or sell merchandise.  A PA is provided and we will promote through our mailing list and other promotion.  There will also be 2nd and 3rd prizes of  gift certificates from The Bakehouse.

We will offer a choice of dates two to four weeks in advance. This gives both you and us the time to promote your gig.



Courtesy of Jalapeno Rose Recording and Radio Zendo.

3-1 Promo Video Package!


 Recording mixing and mastering at Jalapeno Rose Recording Studios of one song.

Production of a promo video

Publicity Photographs

Some Tips To Give You The Best Chance of Winning.

Winning isn't everything and to some it's nothing.  Some folks just want a chance to perform in front of an appreciative audience or to try out new material and that's fine and very welcome.  But for those who have more ambitious goals and are perhaps new to this sort of thing here are a few ideas.....

First of all, BRING AS MANY FANS AS YOU CAN!  Although because of our two vote system talent alone will and has made winners in the past there is no doubt that bringing folks to vote for you creates a distinct advantage.  The Bakehouse is an all ages venue.  The food is really good and the staff is excellent.  Many artists have brought their whole family and their family's family.

Think about your performance.  This is after all a "performing" songwriters contest.  Pick your three best songs, in particular the most engaging for the audience.  This doesn't necessarily mean the funniest or the rockers, although that ain't a bad idea, but songs that an audience can connect to in some way. 

Be prepared.  It's better to present three songs you really know than one you made up that morning and haven't really got to a place where you own it.  If you need to read the lyrics you're probably better off choosing something you can easily play from memory.

Make sure to take care of the basics.  Be in tune.  If you need to put on new strings try and give them a couple of hours to settle in and stretch out.  If you have a guitar with a pickup that uses a battery be sure to put in a fresh one.  A dying battery just distorts and usually without warning.

If you don't win, don't take it to heart.  All art is subjective.  There are still people who think that John Lennon or Bob Dylan are rubbish.  If you think you were as good as the person who won, think about what they did that might have made the difference. 

And finally and most importantly, HAVE FUN!  If you're having fun then you've already won no matter what the outcome.  And besides, fun is contagious.  Fun is the easiest thing for an audience to connect to and when an audience connects to an artist they become fans.


Past Contest Results:

Episode III: Revenge of The Ultimate Playoff - Monday April 13th, 2009


Geronimo & Ian

2nd Place - Chris Parreira 3rd Place - Mike Valliere

Weekly winners who also qualified:

David Isley, Jiminy Crisket, Jenny Morgan, Summer,Tom Porter, Amanda Lepre,

Chuck & Cloe, Steve Brooks, Justin Estes, Teal Day

Episode II: The Ultimate Playoff - December 15, 2008


Shawn Madden

2nd Place - Najeeb Sabeur  3rd Place Stephanie Delk

Weekly winners who also qualified:

  Kelsey Henry, Dallas Jones, Patty Finney,  Harry Ambler, Aaron Moore, Mark Camp, Kit Holmes, Quintin Smith,

 Andrea Marie

Episode 1: The Playoff -  Monday, September 8th, 2008.

Grand Prize Winner

B. Sterling Archer

2nd Place - Nicolette Mangloss  3rd Prize - Patty Finney

 South Austin Idle Grand Playoff Finalists

Emily Grayson, Brian Pounds, Stephanie Delk, Sandy McLain, Nicolette Manglos, Lewis Clark Cook, Joshua Piper, Craig Davis, B.Sterling Archer, Jansen Hawkins, Patty Finney, Jackie Rae


Here's hoping you all like what we're doing and come out and support yourselves and your fellow artists.